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Our Story

Owner and Chef of Bry's Filipino Cuisine, Bryan Matamorosa grew up in the Philippines and moved to the US when he was 19.

After doing several different kinds of work, from fast food at McDonalds to seasons on Alaskan fishing boats, Bry decided to put his hard work and efforts toward a degree in Culinary Arts. He attended Bellingham Technical College and received a Culinary Arts degree, while simultaneously finding his true calling - his love of preparing amazing food for people to enjoy!

He worked in a Corporate environment for a couple years, making his way to Restaurant Chef before ultimately deciding to go in his own direction, combining his Culinary skills with the love of his culture, and wanting to bring that to Bellingham. Bry started out at the Bellingham Farmers Market preparing hot, delicious scratch made Filipino food for the community, and you can find him there every Saturday from April through December! He considers the Bellingham Farmers Market to be "home-base" and "where it all started" and will always love being a part of that community.

In 2020 he decided to take the plunge and found a food trailer that was somewhat affordable, but needed a little love and a lot of work!

After hours, weeks, months of updates, labor, love and elbow grease, the Bry's Filipino Cuisine food trailer came to life!

Family owned and operated, Bry is all about making people happy with scratch made food inspired by his hometown province.

Check out our Contact page for a calendar showing where the truck will be our reach out for catering for your next celebration!


What We Stand For


Community and relationships are important to us! We strive for open communication when working on a project, and to maintain customer and other business relationships by always being forthright and receptive in everything that we do. 


Quality is one of the fundamental building blocks to our small business. We are committed to never sacrificing quality by saving a few dollars or a few hours of time. Everything is scratch made and built from the ground up, starting with quality, locally sourced ingredients.


Our belief is that whatever you are doing, you should do it to the best of your ability and take pride in the outcome of your performance. Food is absolutely no exception! Every plate, every moment is put together with consideration and attention to detail. Enjoying a meal from Bry's Filipino cuisine should be an experiences of the senses every time.

A friend and I ordered the combo platter to share from Bry's today. What an unexpected treat during our time at the market! The combo plate was a generous serving of so many delicious items. All made with love by Bry. We would absolutely order this again. Thank you Bry!

C.H. - Seattle, WA

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